I would like the record to reflect that over the course of two weeks I managed to pick up two (2) dudes on separate occasions while wearing rainboots with little Scotty dogs on them.


i can’t believe people listen to radiohead



Bianca Del Rio is my everything.

She is lightyears ahead of every other queen this season.  If she doesn’t win it will be a travesty.

Perfect human

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So I want to tell you I just unfollowed a bunch of twitter accounts for West Wing characters, but I won’t say how many because that would be embarrassing.


Um did anyone talk about Grumpy Cat hanging out at Vogue???

Just looks like regular pictures of Anna Wintour to me.

“Which would you rather have gonorrhea or that guy’s bangs?”

- Answer: gonorrhea


The relationship between a young woman and her mobile banking app: http://nyr.kr/1e4yq9M

Mobile Banking: Your $213.16 debit-card transaction with URBAN OUTFITTERS 14 ST was above your $125.00 Alert setting and totally unnecessary. Why did you buy WIND IN MY WINGS ROUND SUNGLASSES? It’s not even summer. And the ECOTE FLORAL CROCHET BRA TOP makes you look like one of those girls who go to music festivals.


Mobile Banking: I’ll STOP when you stop.

Illustration by Gary Taxali.

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